Cheti Chand - Sindhi New Year 2022

Cheti Chand, Sindhi New Year 2022

Cheti Chand will be celebrated on 2-April-2022, Saturday this year. 

 Marathi New Year Gudi Padwa and Ugadi also will be celebrated on the same day in 2022. 

Cheti Chand is Sindhi festival celebrated all over the world for Sindhi New Year.


Kareena Kapoor Celebrates Cheti Chand, Sindhi New Year

Cheti Chand is biggest Festival of dispersed Sindhi Community. Lets unite and consolidate information about Sindhi New Year, Cheti Chand programs and organisers over here.

Cheti Chand Joon Wadhayoon

Kishan Ramnani
29-Mar-2019 08:38 pm
Jai Jhulelal

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